University Research Lecturer in Ornithology & Conservation and Fellow in Human Sciences, Mansfield College, University of Oxford. His joint position at the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology and the Institute of Human Sciences means his research intersects both Ornithology and Ethno-ornithology, that is, the study of birds and the study of human engagement with birds, especially within the broad context of conservation. He was awarded the Tucker Medal of the British Trust for Ornithology in 1999, and the Union Medal of the British Ornithologists’ Union in 2012. He is Vice-President of the Oxford Ornithological Society, having previously been President for more than 25 years.

Professor Gossler earned his DPhil at the University of Oxford studying the eco-morphology of the Great Tit population in Wytham Woods. He has served on the Scientific Programme Committees of the International Ornithological Congress and the European Ornithologists' Union. He is a contributor to the Religion and Conservation Research Collaborative (RCRC) of the Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group (RCBWG) of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB). From 1993–1998, he edited Bird Study for the British Trust for Ornithology, and from 1998–2006, edited Ibis for the British Ornithologists’ Union.

He is a Trustee of A Rocha UK, an advisor to A Rocha International, and is helping with the formation of a new A Rocha initiative in Nigeria. He also co-convenes Oxpeace, the Oxford University Network for Peace Studies, and is currently training for Anglican ordination.



Professor Ard Louis, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford.


Select Publications

Ethno-ornithology: Birds, Indigenous Peoples, Culture and Society (Routledge, 2010), with Sonia Tidemann

Gosler, A.G., Bhagwat, S., Harrop, S., Bonta, M. & Tidemann, S. ‘Chapter 6: Leadership and listening: inspiration for conservation mission and advocacy,’ in Macdonald, D. & Willis, K.J., eds., Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2 (J. Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2013).

Awoyemi, S.M., Gosler, A.G., Ho, I., Schaefer, J. & Chong, K.Y. (2012) ‘Mobilizing Religion and Conservation in Asia. Science’ 338: 1537-1538.

Briggs, B.D.J., Hill, D.A. & Gosler, A.G. (2012), ‘ Habitat selection and waterbody-complex use by wintering Gadwall and Shoveler in South West London: Implications for the designation and management of multi-site protected areas’. Journal for Nature Conservation 20: 200-210. 


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